July 6, 2022

Comparium App Review

Internet has brought the world together and now many businesses have digitized as there are more customers available on internet than you would find in a brick and mortar store. For businesses running online, it is important to maintain a website that displays the products and attracts customers at the same time. A faulty website with broken links and difficult to use user-interface could prove to be a deal breaker for users. Therefore, website testing is important. There are many tools available in the market but there are very few that are better than Comparium. Comparium web app offers a convenient way to test web page design on a variety of browser and operating system combinations. With its advanced techniques, the app eliminates the need to manually test each webpage of your website on different web browsers and operating systems.

Comparium App Review

Users simply need to submit the webpage test address and submit it to check the results. Comparium web app offers screenshots of your web page design. Also, you can check your web page’s browser compatibility within a couple of minutes.

Here are the features of Comparium app

  • Support for different versions of popular web browsers

Comparium web app supports different browsers so that you visual compatibility testing on the browser of your choice. The app supports following versions of web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0.

  • Support for different operating systems
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It is important to ensure that your website is compatible with different operating systems. Comparium app supports cross-browser testing on a following operating systems: Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.

  • Get offline report of website test results via e-mail

Comparium app offers an automated process for website testing and once the testing is done, you are provided a report of website test results on your email address. This ensures that you don’t have to wait and sit in front of the computer to watch screenshots of web design getting displayed on the screen. You need to leave your email address and the URL you want to test on the web app and a set of screenshots upon testing will sent to your email address.

Comparium App Review

Comparium App Review

About Selenium

Selenium works according to how a user would interact with a website in real world. According to Comparium’s website, the developer is required to think over and write a script for user actions and checks, and Selenium will reproduce it in a browser. This functionality of Selenium not only makes it an efficient automated web testing tool but the app can also be used for performing routine web tasks that are repeated frequently. The main components of Selenium are Selenium IDE, Selenium webDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium server, and Selenium Grid.

Selenium supports almost all the popular programming languages such as Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python and Node JS.


Comparium app is a must have app if your business revolves around website testing. The app ensures that your website functions flawlessly on different combinations of browsers and operating systems. It weeds out broken links and also offers you to address the design flaws that could make your website difficult to access for your users. If you want your website to function without any issue, we recommend using the Comparium app for website testing. Moreover, the first version of Comparium will be distributed for free.

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